Pinkie McCloud and How She Saved Balooze

Chloe LeQuinn, was quick to judge the new girl in town, Pinkie McCloud. She and her friends made fun of Pinkie because of the tiny pink wings sprouting from her head. However, when a terrible, Katrina- like storm hits the town of Balooze, it’s Pinkie who saves Chloe and the rest of the townsfolk.

About the author

Eileen Goldenberg is an established artist who has been working and creating art in the Tampa Bay Area and elsewhere for all of her adult life. From painted furniture, to painted canvases, to downtown Building Wraps, and now Children’s Book Illustration, her signature style has been seen and collected here and elsewhere for over thirty years. Eileen has painted a piece of the Berlin Wall, murals on buildings and walls, illustrated The World’s Largest Poem, decorated giant turtles, fish and peacocks, plus many more fantastical and magical projects.
She is happy and proud that her dream of writing and illustrating children’s books is coming to fruition!

Eileen has always been a fan of picture books, and continued to collect them long after her children were grown. As a child her best and most engrossing moments were spent drawing and reading. There’s nothing Eileen loves better than a great story, whether reading it, telling it, or listening to it.

Other works by Eileen

  • Look for Rainbow of Friendship by Joni Klein-Higger, Illustrated by Eileen Goldenberg
  • I Have a Voice by Joni Klein Higger, Illustrated by Eileen Goldenberg
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