Children’s Books

My passions have always been art, reading and writing. As a child, these are the activities that took up most of my time. Growing up in the North, I could be found curled up next to the floorboard vent, soaking in the heat and the words in my favorite books.

I loved each and every Oz book, classic fairy tales, the Narnia books, the Borrowers, the entire Mary Poppins series, and so many more. Harriet the Spy was a favorite that inspired me to start writing in notebooks and journals.

My pre-teen years were spent reading serials such as Nancy Drew, and all the science fiction I could find, especially Ray Bradbury and Isaac Asimov. There are too many books that inspired me as a young adult to list. I am truly grateful for the gift of books and reading.

My love for at continued to grow throughout my life and it is what I chose to study. After a successful career as an art director for a large corporation, I decided to stay at home with my kids and was able to reinvent myself as a fine artist.

But I always loved to create art that tells a story, and through my children, I re-discovered my love for the world of children’s literature. It was a natural progression to try and enter this challenging world. I’m proud to say I can now add author-illustrator to my resume, a long-time dream. I have illustrated two books, Rainbow of Friendship and I Have A Voice, both by Joni Klein-Higger, and have written and illustrated Pinkie McCloud which They are all available on Amazon or

If you are interested in having illustrations done for a book, feel free to contact me!

Children's Books Written Or Illustrated By Eileen Goldenberg

Pinkie McCloud

The first of what I hope will be many books that I have written and illustrated. Pinkie McCloud, has moved to Ballooze, and is shocked to find there are no other Wingblings like herself.   Pinkie is shunned because of the pink wings on her head, but when she saves the people of Ballooze from a terrible Katrina-like storm, everything changes.

Picture book ages 4-8

More About Pinkie McCloud

Rainbow of Friendship

Written by Joni Klein Higger, Illustrated by Eileen Goldenberg

“Is it safe to play with colors different than you?” This is the question a little red girl asks herself when she moves from the comforts of her little red town to Rainbow Row City and discovers that friendship comes in many colors, shapes and sizes. Picture Book Ages 2 -8 Available on Guardian Angel Publishing  and Amazon

Rainbow Of Friendship

I Have A Voice

By Flora Zaken Greenberg, Ph.D. and Joni Klein-Higger

Jaime is about to start kindergarten, but has a big problem…she’s afraid to speak. Mom introduces Jamie to Dr. Faye, a feelings doctor, who not only helps Jamie speak, but helps her to feel better about herself.  Follow Jamie on her journey and see how she overcomes her problem. Coming soon from Guardian Angel Publishing  

More About I Have A Voice

Other Illustrations

Click to see some of my other illustrations. Some were designed specifically for picture books and some are in the style of children’s book illustration.

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